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Python Programming Course

Python Programming Course

This is a series video tutorial on python programming language. Python 3.6.4 being used here and this is the introduction video of the course.

First program in python3:

print("Hello World!")

Script for this video

Hi! I'm Sam, and I'm welcoming you to python programming course. In this course I'll be using python 3.6.4, which  is the latest version of
python, but also show you how to
switch from python 2.x to 3.x.

Python is a general purpose programming language. that means you can do anything to program a computer system in python. Games, desktop application, and  even complex web application. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science whatever topic you think in this modern computer technology also be doing in Python. Python also great for academic purpose.  

In this course I'll start from the beginning of the python installation in three different platform windows, mac and Linux, I'll also show how to configure the IDE for this three operating system and start to write code and run into it.
After then we'll be going through step by step from deeper to deepest.

This course is for novice or who has a little programming knowledge on any other programming language. But the people who knows better programming
but not familiar with python can also switch their work into python as well.

Infact anybody can start learning programming in python with zero programming knowledge, because many of the top ranked university of the world start their programing course using python.

Lets see the table of contents of the course.

Remember learning programing in python is fun but if you want to be an expert then you have to practice a lot.

So lets get started.

List of other Videos:

  1. First video (Introduction Video)
  2. Second video (Installing python in windows)
  3. Third video (isntalling python in MAC (High Sierra))
  4. Fourth video (isntalling python in Linux (Ubuntu 16.04))
  5. Fifth video (Install Eclipse with PyDev on Windows)
  6. Sixth video (Expression, Basic arithmetic operation and using python IDLE)
  7. Seventh video (Variable in Python)

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Date Created 2018-03-17
Author : samsilarefin 

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