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Windows 10 Final - New features & functions

Windows 10 Final, What's new ?

Windows 10 is here with and is here to stay. Windows 10 was released during July 28. In this post i will give you an insight to the best and latest features this awesome new operating system has to offer.

First of let's install Windows 10 if you have done that already.

Installation of Windows 10

In this short video tutorial you will be taken trough a normal Windows 10 installation.

  • This video is paused between loading times.

Major new functions of Windows 10

Wow... The start menu is back!

Going through the basics about the new Windows 10 start menu / start screen.

Unified settings layout

We go through what at the surface looks as two control panels.

Cortana voice assistant - what is all the fuss about?

Cortana voice assistant is a complete new feature and is exclusive on Windows 10 and Windows phone.

  1. Installation of Cortana

  1. Cortana Settings

  1. Cortana Voice commands

Xbox One with Microsoft 10

In this short video i show you how easy the setup and syncronisation between your console and pc. Lets play!!!

Microsoft Edge

Il show you the best new features of Windows 10's new browser.


Neat new little fast feature.


Windows 10 let you combine desktop and tablet use in an easy friendly way.

Task view

Run several desktops on one monitor (not in the same time).

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Date Created 2014-12-14
Author : fb-fac3b0ok 

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